Solar Panel Manufacturers

Easy Photovoltech is a professional Solar Battery manufacturers in India. We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Solar Battery that are economical, efficient, eco-friendly and cost effective. All our Solar Batteries are manufactured by using quality raw materials and the latest technology so they have long service life. Our products are used in commercial, residential & industrial units.

Furthermore, our Solar Battery are an ideal solution to study, light home, and move safely in dark. Coming equipped with multiple features and multi-use, the Solar Battery are highly portable and can be carried easily. It is the right option for school children and off-grid families. As a Solar Battery Manufacturers, We manufacture Solar Battery in different power output watt, which is best for the study and office purpose. Long life of bulbs, optional USB port for mobile charging and highly energy efficient are some of the quality features of the products. Arrange a call with us if you want for bulk order for our Solar Battery.

Since Easy Photovoltech has completely integrated solutions; engineers make solar street systems that are able to generate its own power by using a small wind turbine, deep cycle batteries. Moreover, the solar lighting modules from Easy Photovoltech provide a safe and eco-friendly street lighting solution that doesn’t damage Carbon Dioxide emissions.


  1. Quick charge acceptance
  2. Suitable for frequent power cuts.
  3. Very low maintenance & long life.
  4. Eco-friendly Aqua Trap vent plugs
  5. To ensure no acid fumes.
Solar Panel Manufacturers


  1. Please ensure that the cable clamps fit and properly on the terminals.
  1. The top of the battery must be kept clean & dry. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) should be applied to cable clamps & terminals. Never apply grease. Terminal corrosion, dirt & moisture cause loss of power & make the battery weak.
  1. The electrolyte level should be topped up depending on the position of the maximum line.
  1. Use only distilled water for topping. Do not top up with acid/electrolyte/ mineral water or tap water.
  1. To get maximum life. It is advised that battery checks be carried out once every three months.
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